Blue ray recorder

Blue Ray Recorder

Soon people everywhere will be ditching their DVD’s for the Blue Ray format. As soon as the HD concept really catches on you will want a better format for watching movies and the DVD will be on its way out the door.

Many are looking to get the jump on technology by purchasing a blue ray recorder now. The problem is at this point the only type you can get is a computer drive blue ray burner, so if you are looking for standalone unit similar to a DVD player or VHS recorder you will have to wait a bit longer.

Archos Mp3

Getting an Archos MP3 Player

Normally, I stick to companies I’m familiar with since they tend to deliver a consistent level of quality. However, when I came across the Archos MP3 and media players, I decided to give it a whirl since they seemed fairly impressive in terms of technology.

After trying it out, I don’t think they are for everyone but they do provide some features that may of interest to lots of consumers.

18650 battery

18650 Battery

While technology advances it is a given that eventually the batteries we use to power some of that technology would advance as well.

For a long time we have had the standar throw away nickel cadmium batteries that we use and then dispose of when they go dead, then there were the rechargeable and now is the 18650 battery or lithium ion rechargeable.

Lithium batteries have long been desired as a battery of choice; they are extremely low maintenance and hold a charge longer than their predecessor holds.

Car Mp3 CD Player

Buying a car MP3 cd Player

One of the problems many people have with their portable MP3 players is that they can’t enjoy them while driving.

Unless you have an older model car and a car kit, you’ll be without your favorite playlists while commuting.
A better option is to invest in a car MP3 CD player. These units are installed into your dashboard and provide full-service music enjoyment.

You can plug in your portable MP3 player, listen to CDs, and even enjoy the radio if you want. Below are some of the car MP3 CD player options available on the market.