Trademark Home 82-9216 Aluminum Credit Card Wallet RFID Blocking Case

This stylish RFID blocking Credit Card wallet is perfect for both men and women. It has seven expandable pockets to fit up to 10 cards. This modern looking hard-case wallet protects your cards from demagnetization while its functional design allows easy access to each card. It's easy to find in a purse and fits perfectly into men's pockets. It also helps to block RFID scanning of your credit cards by thieves.

Price: $19.99

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STL communications appreciated to support local charity events

In line with the corporate culture at STL Communications, the company was very busy doing charity work a around Oxford. Since the beginning of the year, STL has been involved in charity events as a sponsor, as well as through actual participation. This involvement in local charities saw the company gain an excellent reputation with the community members, as well as within business circles.

Some of the events and charitable organizations in which the company has been involved include the OX5RUN that took place on March 10, 2013, the company's staff also bike to work during the week of climate and STL also deals with special effect All stars against Oxford United Legends charity football match scheduled for April 14, 2013.

While the main motivation for participation of STL these events and charities is to give back to the community, there are several other benefits that have been realized as a result of the involvement of society. These benefits include positive advertising, cohesion among staff members who participate and the motivation for the whole team STL.

Through social media and radio calls, the people of Oxford have expressed their great appreciation for the efforts of STL communications and other entities who have committed their time and resources in support of various charities and events. It is always a pleasure to have companies that appreciate the fact that charity indeed begin here at home!

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Wilson Electronics 859902 Surge Protector

50 ohm Lightning Surge Protector (859902) N-Female connectors Attenuation less than 0.2 dB Frequency range up to 3 GHz Replaceable gas discharge element

Price: $99.95

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The New Motorola Defy

Motorola is a pioneer when it comes to making cell phones, and is also one of the few who made the first mark in cellular communications history.  This is why it's no wonder that the new smart phones that are being launched by Motorola is completely top-of-the-line, including the new Defy+. Packed with features that you will surely love, the new Motorola Defy+ is a revelation when it comes to the way you use your phone today.

The Defy+: Faster and With More Applications than the Motorola Defy

With the recently launched new Motorola Defy+, you can definitely expect changes in the way that you use your smart phone. For one thing, the new Defy+ runs on a 1GHZ processor. Compared to the 800 MHZ processor of the Motorola Defy, you can expect that you can browse faster, and easier than ever before with this upgraded model.

Now that you have seen that the Defy+ runs on a more reliable speed, you can definitely be certain that you will get more of your money's worth. With the addition of this feature, the newDefy+ is 25% more efficient than that of the old Motorola Defy. You can definitely see a significant change on how you go through a phone when you try the Defy+.

A great addition to the Defy+ is the inclusion of more pre-loaded applications than you can ever imagine. You can now enjoy the new Motorola Defy+ out of the box, without having the need to download the applications you want first.

Experience a Whole New World With the Android 2.3 Gingerbread

With the arrival of the new Defy+ is the inclusion of newer and better applications than ever before. You can enjoy a wonderful world of applications that you can easily tinker and play around with thanks to the inclusion of the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform. Compared to the Android 2.1 platform used in the old Motorola Defy, you can see significant changes in the way that this Android software performs when you start using the Defy+.

Since the Android market is filled with free applications, the new Motorola Defy+ promises to give you an endless stream of apps dedicated to all your personal needs. This is considering the fact that there are always apps of every sort in the Android platform. You can see a significant difference in the way you use your smart phone with the new Defy+.

Motorola has made a trend of making cell phones that has expanded for over 30 years now. You can now this new phone from Motorola as you can be certain that this Motorola smart phone will stand the test of time and will give nothing but pure joy and satisfaction when you use it. Try the new Defy+ today and see the difference that it brings to the table. You can be assured that once you have a hold of it, you may not want to let go of it anymore.

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WILSON ELECTRONICS Lightning Surge Protector Cellular Accessories

75 ohm Lightning Surge Protector F-Female connectors Attenuation less than 0.2 dB Frequency range up to 3 GHz Replaceable gas discharge element

Price: $99.95

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Samsung GALAXY S4 review website launches

Cool Biz income, an internet marketing company based in Nelspruit, South Africa announced that they are launching a new post on the site review that will contain information on Samsung GALAXY S4. The new review site can be found at (

"The goal of this site is to give interested customers the convenience of being able to find the information they want this exceptional line of phones made by Samsung," said Dr. Emmanuel Guveya, Director of marketing. "This range of phones is very popular and so we arranged this review site that is an affiliate site".

Cool Biz income also wanted to point out that their company is in no way a part of Samsung. He added that this is strictly a review site setup to refer potential customers to your product.

The website plans to characterize each particular element of Samsung GALAXY line S4. This special collection of mobile class ranges anywhere from $ 540 to $ 699. Mini version ranges from $ 355 to $ 378.

"The Galaxy S4 is definitely a special item that anyone who loves the top of the line Mobile will acquire useful. This phone really makes for a great gift all year round no matter what the occasion ".

It was also pointed out that some of the phones can be shipped for free, which can be another reason for shopping online for your Samsung GALAXY S4.

For more details on Samsung GALAXY cell line S4 visit

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