Cordless Phone Headsets

Features cordless phone headsets

Telephones are advancing quickly nowadays; you have cell phones that double as a tiny computer!  One fun that has taken its time in advancing is the home telephone.

You might think with increased cell phone use the home phone is a dying breed however if companies keep producing innovative accessories you may see a return surge. Plantronics has developed an entirely new concept in cordless phone headsets devices.

Belkin Routers

Internet Device-Belkin Routers

Just about everyone has a computer in their home, in fact today they are about like bathrooms no home is complete without at least two! The problem with having more than one computer is sharing an internet connection or printer.

This can quickly become a huge hassle especially if you are trying to network computers with different operating systems. For instance Windows 98 and XP, these two operating systems did not play well with each other when it came to networking.

Accessories Shuffle

Accessories for the Shuffle

Apple is one of the largest makers and distributors of personal media players. In 2008, Apple turned in record profits of 9.6 billion dollars. They have become the market leaders in personal media players.

One favorite over the years has been the IPod shuffle. The small design and simple function have been a favorite of many people. Since 2005, Apple has produced different generations of the shuffle, and over time, accessories have grown as well. Accessories for the shuffle include everything from waterproof cases to a variety of portable chargers.

Digital Music Players

People Love Digital Music Players

Digital music players have revolutionized the music industry and almost eliminated the need for a physical CD anymore.  People love them for their portability, size, ease of use, and much more.

Traditional music players that were portable were big bulky devices that required you to put an actual piece of media into them in order to play back music.

Wireless USB Headset

Wireless USB Headset

Wireless USB headset can mean different things to different people. For the office professional it could be an over the ear headset with built in microphone, for the gamer it may be the two eared version with mic and for still others a wireless USB headset may be something for listening to their favorite music with.

For review, purposes let us look at a wireless USB headset that combines all of the above into one product. The Free Talk wireless headset has many versatile uses.

Targus Power Adapter

Targus Power Adapter Review

People today have more powered gadgets and gizmos that they carry around than ever before.  Cell phones, mp3 players, and laptops all have one thing in common they need power to operate.

All of the above have their own internal batteries however as you well know these batteries do not last as long as you do.

How many times have you needed to use one of these devices only to find that you do not have the correct mobile charger with you.