Microsoft MP3 Zune

Microsoft MP3 Zune Product Review

Anyone who has heard of mp3 players has heard of Apple products, but have you heard about Microsoft mp3 Zune players? Zune is a model of mp3 player created by the popular computer magnate Microsoft. There are many different memory sizes and configuration of Microsoft MP3 Zune Players.
Microsoft mp3 Zune players consist of six sizes and two different memory types. Choose the one that is right for you.

Flash Memory

Flash memory is a type of nonvolatile constantly powered memory that can be erased and re-written in blocks. It is a type of memory that will not be damaged by excessive movements.

Real Media Player

Real Media Player Review

The latest version of Real Media Player allows you to download videos from a variety of websites all over the Internet.  The player also allows you to burn your files to a CD for later use.  If you are looking for a way to watch some of the best videos online, the Real Media Player is the most popular choice.

The player will give you a great interface to create play lists and store a library of your favorite media files.  The newest version of Real Media Player runs smoother than any other version before it.

RCA Remote Control

Introduction to RCA Remote Control

If you have even one electronic in your home, you have probably had and lost the remote control. They seem to disappear as easily as socks, going to a place never to be seen again by human beings! There may be a conspiracy here, no one is quite sure.

Seriously, though we have all lost the television, stereo or DVD remote at one time or another and had to go and find a suitable replacement. A good choice is the RCA remote control, they offer a 6 device universal remote that will operate most electronic devices.

Mp3 Player Cases

Reasons to Buy MP3 Player Cases
When you decide to invest in digital MP3 players, you don’t want anything bad to happen to it. And remember these are portable devices so they can get dropped or whatever more often than you might think.

Although most of the best mp3 players are fairly durable, you still need to take precautions and that’s why you should consider buying MP3 player cases. Below are some reasons to buy MP3 player cases and some considerations to keep in mind when you do.

Wireless Office Headset System

Best Wireless Office Headset System

If you work in a busy office, whether it is in your home or otherwise you could benefit from a wireless office headset system.

A system like this will afford you the freedom to move around the office while taking calls and be comfortable when you do. No more leaning to hold the receiver to your ear or being chained to the desk 8 hours a day.

A wireless office headset system is becoming a staple piece of equipment for many business professionals. The only thing you have to determine is which one is right for you. For your consideration, we present the CS361 binaural wireless office headset system.

30gb Mp3 Player

Consider Buying a 30Gb MP3 Player

If you’ve ever taken a look at those 30gb MP3 Player advertisements and wondered why anyone would ever want to purchase one that could hold that much music, you might be surprised by the number of benefits involved. Below are some ideas to help you understand why bigger can be better when it comes to portable mp3 players.

Versatility & Capacity

One of the biggest assets of a 30gb MP3 Player is that you can hold a lot of content. With that much space, you could easily hold more than 7,000 songs.

Portable Speakers

Your Portable Speakers
Everything is becoming portable these days. You can take your phones, music and even movies with you everywhere you go. The only problem it would seem is when you wish to share your music or videos with friends, those tiny speakers on mp3 players and portable DVD players are just not adequate for playing to a group. Most of the time in fact you need ear buds or phones to hear them yourself. Portable speakers are the answer to the problem and there are many to choose from.

Blue Ray Recorder

Blue Ray Recorder Review

People will be ditching their DVD’s for the Blue Ray format everywhere . As soon as the HD concept really catches on you will want a better format for watching movies and the DVD will be on its way out the door.

Many are looking for new technology by purchasing a blue ray recorder now. At this point the only type you can get is a computer drive blue ray burner, so if you are looking for standalone unit similar to a DVD player or VHS recorder you will have to wait a bit longer.

If you want to convert your home movies with a Blue Ray recorder one of the highest rated respond the market is the LG H20L.

Iriver player

Getting to Know Iriver Player

You have seen all there is in the mp3 player field, or so you thought. Have you seen the Disney edition iRiver player? This tiny mp3 player is small enough to fit in your front pocket and odd enough to draw the comments of all your friends.

This iRiver player is in the shape of Mickey’s head and the round mouse ears double as function controls. Skip, play or fast forward with a twist of Mickey’s ears on a player that is very unique.

Telex Headsets

Reviews on Telex Headsets

There are all kinds of the applications for Telex headsets, the company manufactures headsets for pilots, busy offices and educational purposes just to name a few.
While you may think these are only for super professional people there also situations where the average person might be in interested in a Telex Headset.


As cell phones have taken over the world, a new concept for home telephone service is taking hold.  This new technology is called voice over Internet protocol, or more commonly known as VOIP.  What this is a way for you to make phone calls through your computer over the Internet.

Eiki Projector

Buy Eiki Projector

An Eiki Projector is an excellent way to enhance board meetings or make a killer home theater. Picture your favorite movie displayed on a 100″ screen! The problem is what kind of projector should you purchase? Is the LCD or DLP better, what are lumens and are they important? All of these questions and more will be answered here.


You can purchase an Eiki projector in either a DLP or LCD format. In fact, Eiki was the first company to produce the LCD projector.

Onkyo Home Theater System

Onkyo Home Theater System Review

Are you the type of person who loves to go to the theater? Sure, other than the high cost of soda and candy don’t we all love to go to the theater and be wrapped up in not only the huge display but also the awesome sound! What if you could get that same theater experience at home? With Onkyo home theater system, you could get a whole lot closer.

A home theater system can be 7.1 or 5.1 surround and may come with a combination audio and video tuner or just audio. The bottom line is you want theater quality sound in your living room without breaking the bank to do it!

Archos 604

Buying Archos 604

The Archos 604 30GB Wi-Fi digital media player is a good alternative to the Apple Ipod. This player hasn’t gotten as much attention as it deserves. There are a number of good features on this player that will allow you to get as much entertainment out of it as you would with another model that is more commonly known.

The market that would be most interested in the Archos 604 are those who spend a lot of time away from home traveling. It is a wonderful way to travel by plane or bus and provide you with plenty of entertainment in a variety of formats. The device is an MP3 player, but primarily it is used for video. The Archos 604 can record video and play it back in many different ways.

Philips Portable DVD Player

Your Portable DVD Player

In this fast-paced world, everything is becoming portable. You have portable media players and even porta potties! Take music, telephones, and games with you wherever you go. Now you can even get devices that combine applications. Take for instance the Philips portable DVD player with IPod dock.

  • 9 inch  LCD screen
  • IPod docking port
  • Doubles as a digital frame
  • Play CD, S(VCD), DVD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, MP3, WMA ,JPEG digital camera photos, DivX & MPEG4 movies
  • Built in battery
  • 2.5 hour battery life

4GB Card

4GB Card Review

The Good

Large capacity storage for a variety of types of files; works with a wide range of devices, non-proprietary (does not just work with specific products)
The Bad

Small cards can be lost easy (buy largest possible and keep in device to minimize risk of loss)

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you have a device that supports removable memory, you’re going to want at least a 4 GB card. Larger models are available but the prices can increase exponentially.

1080p HDTV

Our choice on HDTV

The Good

Picture quality is better, especially on bigger models; other features available on these high-end models not on lower resolution models

The Bad

Improved picture barely noticeable on screens under 50 inches; 1080p HDTV sets are quite a bit more expensive than 1080i or 720p sets of similar size

DVR Station Archos

Your Choice on DVR Station Archos

Seems like the world has gone media crazy, if mp3 players that play video were not enough you can now carry around a portable movie and television device. You can hook the device to your computer or satellite box and download recorded movies to take with you.

To do this without a compatible satellite box all you have to do is purchase a DVR Station Archos to go with it. This handy device hooks to your television or other tuner allowing you to DVR your favorite show and then take it to work  so you can watch it over lunch. Have we taken the addiction to television a little too far?

Gitzo Tripod

Choosing a Gitzo Tripod

Tripods are a necessary piece of equipment if you want to get great photos or videos. They can be big and cumbersome to carry around, but the end result is so worth the effort.

A Gitzo tripod can help eliminate camera shake that ruins many a family photo, or the jerky motion of an amateur video. Nevertheless, what should you know about choosing the right Gitzo tripod?