T-Rex Mobile Cell Phone and Texting or Trexting - BLACK Full Length Apron With Pockets 22w X 30l

T-Rex Mobile Cell Phone and Texting or Trexting Apron is commercial quality product. Whether it's put to use in a restaurant or home, this apron will always help keep you clean. 100% cotton with Teflon finish for added protection. 1" wide neck and waist ties, adjustable neck strap for full and medium length aprons.

Price: $26.99

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Amazon cut the starting prices of both the Wi-Fi and 4G versions of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9. The Wi-Fi version now starts at $269 (down from $299), and the 4G version's new starting price is $399 (down from $499). Some text in our review has been changed to reflect this, but the tablet's rating remains unaltered.

If you're interested in purchasing a Kindle Fire, know that the Fire HD 8.9 is the version to get. It has a large 1,920x1,200-pixel-resolution screen that facilitates Amazon's current Kindle Fire interface better than the 7-incher. Also, its faster processor makes for a much smoother and zippier experience.

The Fire HD 8.9's unique screen size lands in between the 7.9-inch iPad Mini and the 9.7-inch iPad. While the iPad Mini carries with it the trump card advantage of Apple's ecosystem and industry-leading App Store, the Fire HD 8.9’s lower pricing, superior streaming capability, and higher-resolution screen make it a better deal if you’re looking for a media consumption device. Especially if you’re an Amazon Prime member. The Mini does have speedier performance and as mentioned, many more app options, however.

The fourth-generation iPad is still the ultimate premium tablet. Its performance in just about everything beats all other tablets, and it's the best doorway to the most and highest-quality apps you can find on any mobile device. But, the Fire HD 8.9 has superior video-streaming prowess and is also a lot cheaper than the iPad in both Wi-Fi (starting at $269) and 4G LTE (starting at $399) models.

I should also note that Barnes & Noble offers the 9-inch Nook HD+ for $269 as well, with a slightly higher-resolution screen than the Fire HD's as well as expandable storage. The Nook ecosystem however isn't as mature, nor is its app store as well-stocked as Amazon’s. There’s also no 4G version of the Nook HD+.

The Fire HD 8.9’s $269 entry price is a fantastic deal, as the content and services Amazon provides are well worth the price. It’s not as versatile as the iPad or Nexus 10, but it’s the best version of the Kindle Fire yet and the best media consumption tablet out there.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD’s (Wi-Fi: $269 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB; 4G: $399 for 32GB, $499 for 64GB) design feels more at home with an 8.9-inch screen, compared to the 7-inch version. As a larger tablet, the Fire HD 8.9 better facilitates the Kindle Fire’s new operating system and its faster processor produces much smoother navigation.

Beveled bottoms are the new hotness -- for tablets, anyway. From the Nexus 7 to the iPad, and Microsoft's Surface tablet, beveled bottoms are to 2012 what legitimately thin form factors were to 2011. Beveled bottoms have the power to make a tablet look thinner than it actually is. The Fire HD 8.9 is actually thinner than the current iPad and matches the Nexus 10’s profile length.

The tablet is dark gray and looks fairly plain, with a tablet-wide black strip on the back as the only real distinguishing aesthetic trait. In the middle of the top portion of the bezel sits a 720p Web chat camera with a nearly invisible ambient light sensor sitting to its left. The bezel itself is surrounded by an outer plastic shell for added protection.

Along the bottom edge directly in the middle are Micro-USB and a Micro-HDMI ports. On the right edge, from top to bottom, are a headphone jack, volume rocker, and the power/sleep button. Both the volume rocker and power/sleep button sit flush with the tablet's body, making them difficult to find without looking. Sitting alone on the top edge is a microphone pinhole.

The back is smooth and not nearly as grippy as the Nexus 10's rubbery back. Dual inch-long speaker grilles adorn the Fire HD 8.9's back at the far left and right sides, continuing to the tablet's right and left edges.

For some strange, ill-conceived reason, Amazon chose not to include an actual power adapter with the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and instead supplied only a Micro-USB-to-USB cable. While the tablet will charge when connected to a plugged-in computer, it will do so very slowly and only when asleep. Thankfully, if you own the original Fire (or pretty much any Micro-USB-to-power adapter), its charger should be compatible with the Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

Software features: The refining
Since the debut of the original Kindle Fire, Amazon has completely redesigned the interface. The new interface debuted first on the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire (2012) and hasn’t changed at all here. It still feels streamlined and mature, eschewing the toylike quality the original interface had. On the 8.9, images and text are even sharper, thanks its 1,920x1,200-pixel resolution and high contrast. The carousel interface is still here, but scrolls faster and looks smoother, with app icons rendered in sharp, less pixely forms. Apps can be removed from the carousel at will and/or added to favorites, which appear at the bottom of the screen, negating the need to scroll through your entire catalog to find the app you want.

Newsstand, Books, Music, Videos, Docs, Apps, and Web return as top-of-the-screen content tab options and have now been joined by Shop, Games, Audiobooks, Photos, and Offers. Search returns as well and now allows you to search in Amazon's stores in addition to the Web and your own library.

Settings can be accessed with a quick swipe down from the top bezel and now feature more options for social network integration, more customization, and tighter security. Within each content tab are the very useful cloud and device denotations at the top that help identiify which pieces of content are on the Fire HD or currently in the cloud.

There are problems, though. As streamlined as the interface is, at times it serves only to illustrate how much better it could be. After entering a content tab, you can't travel directly to another and must instead tap back and choose a new selection. I would have loved to see a more elegant solution that allows carousel options to always be available onscreen.

Software features: The newening
The streamlined interface isn't Amazon's only accomplishment here; it has added several new features to further set the Fire HD 8.9 apart from other tablets.

With X-Ray for Books you can get more information about characters, terms, and historical figures mentioned in a Kindle book, and it also highlights exactly where (via page number and a graph) in the book those details are mentioned and can jump right to the appropriate page. Definitely useful, but the ability to search for specific terms should be at the top of Amazon's to-do list when the time comes to revise this feature.

X-Ray for Movies is frankly a lot less useful, as it's essentially an integrated IMDb feature that provides access to actor bios while you watch the movie. Just tap the screen while watching "The Avengers," for example, and a drop-down menu of the actors who are in the current scene appears. Select whichever actor you're interested in, and as long as that person is actually listed in IMDb, you'll have access to his or her bio. Impressively, this works in real time, adding and removing people from the list as they enter and exit scenes. It's not compatible with all movies yet, and I've yet to see it featured in any of the TV shows I've watched on the device.

Immersion reading uses the audio and Kindle versions of a single book and combines them to create an experience currently not reproducible on any other tablet. As the text is read by the original audiobook reader, each word is highlighted on the Kindle book version, allowing you to follow along bouncing-ball-style (well, sans an actual bouncing ball) with the story. It takes a bit of getting used to, but can be appealing for audiobook fans like myself who love to listen but want to retain the actual experience of reading as well.

In addition, Whispersync for voice allows you to stop reading at any spot in the Kindle version of a book and then continue later at that exact spot in your audiobook and vice versa.

Now each of these scenarios, however, requires that you'd be willing to purchase both the audiobook and Kindle versions of a book. So, who would actually own both versions of the book? Well, probably people who want to take advantage of these two features. As an incentive, Amazon claims it will offer discounts on audiobook versions of books if you already own the Kindle version; however, this won't extend to every book/audiobook combo.

You can now import your photos from Facebook to your Amazon Cloud Drive and view them (or any photos already in your Cloud Drive) on your Fire HD 8.9. Unfortunately, if importing directly from Facebook, you're not able to specify which photos you want to import and are forced to import them all.

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UltraOptix Round LED Magnifier 4 Power - 3" Round LED Lighted Magnifier 4 Power - SV-3LPLED

UltraOptix Round LED Magnifier 4 Power The UltraOptix Round LED Magnifier 4 Power is a 3-inch round magnifier great for reading small print. Ideal for

Price: $ 25

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Sony STR-DN840

Sony STR-DN1040 really is packed with functionality, including eight inputs HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and rotation. Sony was one of the few bright spots of the AV receiver, slothlike market with last year's STR-DN1030 to be first with long features like rotation, built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Internet access in reception, $ 500.

Instead of resting on its laurels, Sony goes further with his two new AV receivers, packing in more features. STR-DN840, STR-DN1040 and continue to stand alone in this year's offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and rotation while the STR-DN1040 has upped the ante with 8 HDMI inputs and the overhaul of the user interface.

Here's how I would break down the most important features:

STR-DN840 ($ 450): 7.2 channels, six HDMI inputs, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, DLNA compatible, rotation and onboard from streaming Pandora, Slacker, vTuner, and Sony's music unlimited

STR-DN1040 step ups ($ 600): eight HDMI inputs, advanced graphical user interface, dual HDMI outputs

I was underwhelmed many of the proposals, but 2013 AV receiver these new models from Sony is undeniably impressive. STR-DN840 is particularly outstanding value; Onkyo TX-NR626 only ($ 500 street) offers built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at a fair price, and STR-DN840 adds AirPlay for 50 dollars less. I have not had any practical with the STR-DN840 another time, but from the spec sheet is the early favorite for best AV receiver values of the year.

STR-DN1040 is no slouch. Additional HDMI inputs are a nice plus, but the real upgrade is graphical user interface (GUI). I've had some hands on time with the new GUI STR-DN1040 and it's better than anything else in its price class.

The graphics look modern and affordable (especially compared to what you usually get), plus it's very responsive, feels more like you would find on an early video game console than the usual limp AV receiver menu. Simple, plain English menu almost seemed impossible task to make AV receiver that everyone can use, "Although 64-button remote puts a damper on that. More customization options would be nice--you cannot change icons for each of the entrances--but it's a great start to what we hope is the new trend for AV receivers.

Sony announced several other home audio products to its line of show in Los Angeles. There is a new premium priced sound bar HT-CT660 ($ 400), which offers a similar feature set to the down-HT-CT260 ($ 300), including built-in Bluetooth and wireless subwoofer, but adds three HDMI inputs and a more powerful 330-Watt amplifier.

There are also two new home theater in a box system 5.1, BDV-N8100W ($ 700 United States) and BDV-7100W ($ 600), both of which feature a built-in Blu-ray, integrated Wi-Fi, some streaming services (including Netflix, Hulu plus and Pandora) and Wireless rear speakers. BDV-N8100 steps up to 3 way floor standing speakers in the front.

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Lynn Electronics 070 Visual Phone Strobe Flasher

Lynn Electronics 070, Visual Phone Strobe Flasher. Indicates Phone is Ringing Visually. Telephone Strobe. Aids the Hearing Impaired. Aids in a Noisy Environment.

Price: $39.99

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HP Pavilion 27xi

The HP Pavilion 27xi is a light-bodied, low-cost 27 inch monitor, which easily simple monitor complies with requirements. This means that Web movie, game and General surfing, and productivity. It is a no. no-frills monitor in the customization options include the Holy Trinity of connections and satisfying image.

During the Pavilion 27xi great performance for a $340-monitor provides, is not the monitor use, if you precision color critical need of help. There are a few more expensive 27-Inchers better suited to these tasks. For those with simple needs the 27xi but does not disappoint.

Design and features
If you have more than a passing resemblance to Apple's 27-inch Thunderbolt display, is the HP Pavilion 27xi aesthetically at first glance. The 27-inch monitor has a 1, 920 x 1 080 pixel resolution and a incredibly shiny on the basis of IPS (in plane switching) screen. The monitor Housing Panel acts as its outer skeleton with the screen encased inside and looks so cool and smooth, such as the 27xi touch, there is no doubt that it is primarily made of plastic. The front band measures 0.5 inches while checks the width of the housing at 24.5 inches. The least the Panel measures depth 0.6 inches; an incredibly thin value the screen size.

The monitoring functions a 20 degrees back tilt but no pivot or screen-height adjustment. There is also no swing, but the Panel slides around so easily, that the absence of any concern not. The stand is 7.8 cm wide and 7.6 cm deep, but the display quite wobbles when from the sides knocked out. The links are back and include HDMI, DVI and VGA. The monitor also feel incredibly light for its size, weighing 11.5 pounds.

Everyone knows with HPS OSD (onscreen display) design, lots of surprises will not find here. Brightness, contrast and sharpness are available. Also included are six presets: improve +, film, game, text, photo and custom. Three color options include the temperature: warm, cool and standard (somewhere between warm and cool). RGB color controllers are also included, so that for the fine-tuning of red, green and blue.

The OSD array is located in the lower right corner and consists of five horizontally aligned buttons. Each button represented by a white LED that switches off when not in use. The extreme left button activates the menu, followed on the right side, source/plus minus, the automatic setting (usable only in VGA), quick view, and enter buttons with the on / off switch on the right side. The OSD menu to navigate, takes some getting used. I would call the interface clunky; It is simply not as intuitive as it could be. The on / off switch sits directly on the right side, and when a Turquoise makes lights turned on in the lower right panel.

Edge-to-edge or edge bezel?
AT the CES 2013 that an edge-to-edge display but apparently, edge-to-edge does not mean one who had many features of the Pavilion 27xi, it means what I think, told me, HP. At least not as I define it. In my mind, edge means simply no visible bezel. Or at least clearly has minimalist mounts and the 27xi an aperture. It is a thin bezel to be sure, but there is no denying his screen at the chassis very edge lines do not.

3 Color options, brightness, contrast and SharpnessRGB temperature

Tested I have connected the HP Pavilion 27xi via the DVI input with a Windows Vista PC with the supplied DVI cable. The indicator posted a composite score of 98 on CNET Labs DisplayMate-based performance testing.

DisplayMate: The Pavilion 27xi light grey display up to 254 to level 255 considered white and each level between him and 1 is a variant of the grey. The 27xi performance here shows that the display probably not susceptible to the bright colors will wash out. As dark gray, the 27xi, which at the same time very deep black, indicates indicates that the display can a very low black level to level 2 on display.

The monitor distinguished himself in almost all of our color scale tests that evaluate how smooth it shows different shades of different colors. The 27xi has revealed very few color abnormalities in these tests.

Text: Black text on white saw clearly, without obvious color tint problems. Writings were clearly visible on a 6.8 size.

Movies: I tested the HP 27xi with the Blu-ray version of "Avatar." The film preset looks also grainy, especially near the screen, which, if you are using the 27xi as a monitor, you probably while watching movies. It looks better from the screen, and its colors are far anyway more accurate and less saturated than the other presets. Curious, although a bit soft, I found suitable for movies at close range the best default text, especially as it allows you to change the color.

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Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor For Arduino

There are 4 pins out of the module: VCC , Trig, Echo, GND . So it's a very easy interface for controller to use it ranging. The all process is : pull the Trig pin to high level for more than 10us impulse , the module start ranging ; finish ranging , If you find an object in front , Echo pin will be high level , and based on the different distance,it will take the different duration of high level. So we can calculated the distance easily :

Distance = ((Duration of high level)*(Sonic :340m/s))/2

NOTE: The link is the documents about Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor.

Price: $12.00

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ASUS Zenbook main UX51Vz-DH71

It seems that there is just a lot of options when it is portable Windows 8 premium larger screen. And which we see, like the Acer Aspire S7 and HP TouchSmart Spectre XT, typically do not have discrete graphics.

UX51Vz of Zenbook of Asus-DH71, on the other hand, is the complete package. Its high-end design stands out among the multitude of laptops of matter. You have an excellent display of 1080 p, comfortably large full keyboard and touch screen and a lot of ports. ASUS also not skimping on yield components, including integrated graphics for a discrete card 2GB Nvidia resign.

Battery of very long duration, or a touch screen, or that they are looking for a full tackle in the game, you'll want to invest in another system. And Yes, it is expensive, but as a multimedia machine that can do business and casual game, the UX51Vz is a portable 4 star hotel of Windows 8 and worth the money.

ASUS says the finish of metal yarn on the top of Zenbook requires a 32-step manufacturing process. It seems a lot of effort to go through a lid of the laptop, but it is worthwhile. The UX51Vz is a portable very nice; encased in aluminum, has a look very high end.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 2GB GDDR5System weight / weight with AC adapter.

ASUS called this Zenbook an ultraportable, but with its dimensions and a weight of 4.5 pounds, we only consider that it is easy to travel with their size. It's definitely slim, so it probably do not struggle to get in and out of a bag, and probably not be exhausting for regular journeys.

Open the cover and all that the ruins of the appearance is the array of labels for the components of the system (which can be easily peeled, however). It has a complete illuminated keypad with a numeric keypad and Asus managed to keep all important keys big enough to write comfortable and accurate. Considering how low the body is, the chiclet keyboard keys have very good trip. In addition, there is much space under the keyboard to rest your wrists.

The keyboard is great no discrete buttons for right and clicks on the left; However, there is a vertical line on the bottom so you don't have to guess. It is configured to use multitouch to things as two-finger pinch-to-zoom and scrolling and three-toed hits to show open applications or the desktop. Fingers slid smoothly on its surface and usually not wrong if a Palm accidentally landed on it. Performance of touch-pad is a little more important with this system since it does not have a touch screen (something that is important for us with Windows 8).

So, Yes, it is not a touch screen, but Zenbook 15.6 inch screen otherwise is excellent. With viewing angles wide thanks to its in-plane switching (IPS) technology, 1, 920 x 1, 080 pixel resolution, and excellent color, is one of the best Windows laptop screens we've seen recently. It is also very bright and has a matte finish, making it useful in a variety of lighting conditions, although contrast suffers some for it.

Perhaps it is because we have become accustomed to speaker systems laptop over the years, but this sound speakers really good Zenbook. With Asus hardware and software optimized SonicMaster Premium audio, co-developed with Bang & Olufsen Icepower, the stereo speakers perform well for movies and music. Not here sound weak and after connect the subwoofer table small immediately the sound gets fuller. If you are not trying to fill a large space with sound, most should be pretty happy with the audio that this laptop offers.

Mini-VGA, Mini-DisplayPort, HDMI 1.4, Intel WiDi supportStereo, speakers and external subwoofer, speaker of jackStereo headphones / microphone, headphones / microphone jacks2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, SD card readerEthernet, dual-band 802. 11n Wi-Fi, BluetoothEthernet, 802. 11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

There are enough ports and connections in the UX51Vz to satisfy most users, I guess. On the left there are two USB 3.0 (one of which can charge a device while you sleep the computer); an Ethernet port (your lower lip down to accommodate a full-size connector); HDMI; and power. The law has all the shots remaining, including one for add-on desktop subwoofer.

Top of the screen is a web camera of 2 megapixel camera capable of 720 p video. If you use outdoors or in a well lit room, the picture is very good. With the usual environment of Office or home lighting dimmer, it does as well, but it is more or less the case with the majority of Webcams. The built-in microphone did a fine job with our test of Skype calls.

The UX51Vz is a standard configuration, so you get what you get and if you want something else you're on your own. However, it is available in two versions: the reviewed here, with two solid state of 128GB (SSD) and the other with dual 256GB SSD drives.

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Uniden Digital Mobile Scanner with 25,000 Channels and GPS Support-DBY69260

TrunkTracker IV (Motorola APCO), 25 Digital (Motorola, EDACS and LTR), 25,000 dynamically allocated channels, Close Call RF Capture Technology - instantly tunes to signals from nearby transmitters, SAME weather alert - specific area message encoding during a NOAA weather or emergency alert, Tracks voice traffic on P25, Motorola, EDACS and LTR trunked systems , Fire tone out search - built-in frequency counter displays the received tones, Band scope - gives a graphic representation of signal activity, NAC decoding - ability to flag a channel as digital, analog, or all , System/channel number tagging - provides rapid access to a specific system or channel, Individual channel volume offset, intermediate frequency exchange, key safe mode, private systems and priority ID scan on trunked systems , Compatible with BC-RH96 remote head

Price: $875.36

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Canon EOS Rebel T5i (with 18-55mm STM lens)

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you: the only significant differences between the now-discontinued Canon EOS Rebel T4i and its replacement, the T5i, are the price and the kit lens options. There are some small enhancements, including a new finish and grip; 360-degree rotation mode dial; and real-time shooting with creative filters with Live View preview. Interestingly, I also found some performance differences between the T5i and its predecessor, most notably in significantly better continuous shooting. But overall it's really the same camera and in this case, that's a mixed blessing.

Image quality
I think Canon tweaked its default settings so that still-photo colors aren't quite so out of whack, though there are still some hue shifts. JPEGs look clean up through ISO 800, which is typical for this class, and usable at full scale to about ISO 1600 and ISO 6400 at smaller magnifications. While a 13x19 print of an ISO 6400 photo wasn't quite as clean or sharp as I would have liked, it doesn't look that bad.

Video also looks about the same as the T4i's; good, but not significantly better than you get from similarly priced competitors. While I didn't see any rolling shutter, there's quite a bit of aliasing and moire. I do like the tonality of low-light video, despite the appearance of some color noise on blacks. (I'll be uploading video samples soon. Please check back.)

With respect to speed, the T5i is roughly comparable to the T4i, though with oddly better burst shooting. It powers on, focuses, and shoots in 0.7 second; time to focus through the viewfinder, expose, and shoot in good light is a zippy 0.2 second, rising to about 0.8 second in dim. In Live View with the 18-55mm STM lens, it takes 1.2 seconds and 1.4 seconds under similar conditions. That's a lot slower than the T4i was with the 18-135mm lens, but pretty close to my results with the T4i using the standard 18-55mm lens. Hm. Shooting two sequential JPEGs or raw files runs about 0.3 second, rising to 0.7 second with flash enabled. Without flash those times jump to 2 seconds in Live View.

The camera's ability to sustain a burst is great: with a 95MBps SD card, it blew through 30 JPEG frames at 7.6fps without slowing. This seems to be the result of better buffer handling rather than mechanical differences. Once you factor in autofocus that slows down, though I didn't time it, and remember that the T5i has the creaky old nine-point phase-detection AF system. It can only sustain a raw burst for six frames (at 5.8fps) before slowing.

I also used the Live View with non-STM lenses and while it's still kind of slow for capturing fast-moving subjects (which you should use the viewfinder for, anyway), it's not bad.

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Tumi Luggage Ballistic Snap Cover for Ipad 2, Black, Medium

This protective and versatile snap case, cover is designed specifically for the ipad 2, it functions as a portfolio-style case cover, and also folds into an easel so that you can work from virtually anywhere, the cover includes hidden magnetic activation that puts your device into sleep mode when it is closed; opening the cover automatically restarts your device

Price: $69.00

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Unlimited marine services launches new Video to promote TSAT

unlimited Marine Services, Inc, (UMSI), a full service marine technologies (http://www.umsifl.com/) company, announced today that their new video for touch screen technology (T-SAT), is now available. TSAT is a customizable screen matrix system, powered by Crestron Electronics, to check a wide range of on-board equipment for mega yachts, from radar, sonar, echo sounder, log plotting systems, vessel monitoring systems, CCTV cameras to lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and nuances, just by a click of a button.

James Porreca, President of unlimited Marine Services, Inc. commented, "can you explain how a system works, but to see it in a video giving the whole concept come to life. By viewing the video, the captains and brokers really appreciate how simple our new technologies, deploying aboard a mega yacht ". "The initial response has been very positive," said James Porreca.  He goes on to say, "a demo has just been sent to Europe by one of our distributors and we look forward to continued success on a global platform".

For more information on media relations, please contact:-
Sharon Phillips
FMI marketing
Tel: 954 540 1896

For more technical information, please contact:-
James Porreca
Unlimited marine services
Tel: 954 525 8674

Established in 1993, is unlimited Marine Services, Inc. is a full service marine engineering company that provides entertainment, navigation, communication and electrical system design, installation and service. UMSI is located in Lauderdale Marine Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the "Yachting Capital of the World," and has 8 trained and certified electronics technicians who are specialised in navigation and entertainment and are available 24/7. Learn more at www.umsifl.com or call 954-525-8674.

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Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, The Score Music by Carter Burwell

Original score to the highly anticipated 2012 motion picture, the final film in the enormously popular Twilight franchise. The score was composed by Carter Burwell.

Price: $18.98

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Will Emerging Non-Volatile Memory Replace DRAM and NAND?

Market forecasts on emerging non-volatile memory business (in units, US$, number of wafers, applications, technologies - FRAM, MRAM/STTRAM, PCM, RRAM)
Understanding of the emerging non-volatile memory applications for five applications fields (Industrial & Transportation, Smart Card, Enterprise Storage, Mobile Phones, and Mass Storage). This report describes why and how emerging NVM (FRAM, MRAM/STTMRAM, PCM, RRAM) will be increasingly used in various markets: Industrial & Transportation, Enterprise Storage, Smart Card, Mobiles Phones and Mass Storage.

Until recently, only FRAM, PCM and MRAM were industrially produced and available in low-density chips to only a few players. Thus the market was quite limited and considerably smaller than the volatile DRAM and non-volatile Flash NAND dominant memory markets (which enjoyed combined revenues of $50B +in 2012).
Emerging NVM enter niche memory markets; expected to reach $ 2B by 2018. Will NVM eventually replace DRAM and NAND?

However, in the next five years the scalability and chip density of those memories will be greatly improved and will spark many new applications, with the following NVM market drivers explained in detail in this report: With the adoption of STT MRAM and PCMCache Memory, Enterprise Storage will be the largest Non-Volatile Memory market (http://www.bharatbook.com) . NVM will greatly improve the input/output performance of enterprise storage systems whose requirements will intensify with the growing need for web-based data supported by cloud servers.

Mobile Phones will increase its adoption of PCM as a substitute to flash NOR memory in MCP packages thanks to 1GB chips made available by Micron in 2012. Higher-density chips, expected in 2015, will allow access to smart phone applications that are quickly replacing entry-level phones. STTMRAM is expected to replace SRAM in SoC applications thanks to lower power consumption and better scalability. Smart card MCU (microcontrollers) will likely adopt MRAM/STTMRAM and PCM as a substitute to embedded flash. Indeed, flash memory cell-size reduction is limited for the future. NVM could reduce the cell size by 50% and thus be more cost-competitive. Additional features like increased security, lower power consumption and higher endurance are also appealing NVM attributes.

Mass storage markets served by flash NAND could begin using 3D RRAM in 2017-2018, when 3D NAND will slow down its scalability as predicted by all of the main memory players. When this happens, a massive RRAM ramp-up will commence in the next decade that will replace NAND, if sufficient 3D RRAM cost-competiveness and chip density are available. Overall, the global emerging non-volatile memory market will grow from $209M in 2012 to $2B in 2018, equating to an impressive growth of + 46 %/year. Nevertheless, this is a forecast based on a conservative scenario, and the report also provides a best-case scenario for an even broader adoption of NVM.

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Universal Generation X Cell Phone Antenna Booster Signal Enhancer for T-mobile cell phone

Universal Generation X Cell Phone Antenna Booster Signal Enhancer for T-mobile cell phone . The Universal Generation X Cell Phone Antenna Booster Signal Enhancer is a passive device designed to capture stray radiation in the body of the cell phone and to re-radiate the signal to improve the phones reception. The signal booster will work most efficiently when installed properly. When using the phone, try to avoid placing your hand over the area where the internal antenna is installed.There are no tools required for installation.

FEATURES: Enables to reduce dropped calls and fading signals. To improves signal strength. Enhances sound quality. Can be used with any cell phone, PDA.INSTRUCTIONS:Simply place the antenna under your battery to add the equivalent of a 4' antenna to your phone or PDA.Compatible With T-mobile MyTouch 4G Sparq G2 with Google myTouch Q (LG Maxx QWERTY) Comet Garminfone myTouch 4G Slide(Doubleshot) Sidekick 4G T839 myTouch (LG Maxx Touch) myTouch 3G Slide myTouch 3G HD2 Tap Sidekick LX 2009 G2 (HTC Desire Z) G1 myTouch 3G (Fender Edition) Pulse Mini G2 Touch Pulse Dash Dash 3G Vairy Touch MDA Basic Vairy Touch II Sidekick LX Wing Vairy Text MDA Vario IV Shadow Mint Shadow Shadow 2

Price: $ 135

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Worried about germs in your home?

Worried about germs in your home? Well prepare to see them in a whole new light! Welcome to the micro world of Jellyflug. Play as Grash the microbe as he explores the immense landscapes of kitchen sinks, floors, cutting boards from a completely new perspective; through the eyes of a bacterium. Grash has been abruptly taken from his home in the bathroom by a boorish household pet. Needless to say this is a predicament for him, for you must now help him make his way through vast dangers of the human household and even the human body to return to his colony.

While on this frightful trip you have your own micro battalion of what are called Grash minors; these brave minors will fend off the enemy bacteria and clear obstacles. To defeat enemy bacteria you must do what all great leaders; fire your brave spawn at them until they die, while ensuring you remain unharmed. What a hero! In Jellyflug everyday human actions create your world. Sail through rivers of soapy water left by humans; defend yourself from masses of other microbes out to devour you and team up with friendly microbes to overcome the obstacles as you confront the dangers of the human household.

Many obstacles wait along the way; from oceans of bleach to soapy bubbles and pits of acid. Collect items to learn more about the bacterial world and figure out enemies’ weaknesses. Grash will meet all kinds of microbes from virus to bacteria to even enormous protozoa, so be sure you use your wits. Explore 15 massive levels full of puzzles, battles and surprises to in your journey home in this Platforming adventure. Jellyflug will release in June 2012 available for £1.29 from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, or at www.itunes.com/appstore/. Visit http://jellyflug.com and follow us on twitter http://twitter.com/Troll_inc to keep up to date on all the latest news.

About Troll Inc
Troll Inc is a video game studio based in Derry, Northern Ireland. Troll Inc is a young and enthusiastic team of game developers who have been working together to create a unique experience for gamers across the world.  Creating their debut title Jellyflug the team is aiming for it to be the first of many success stories for the company.
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Unlocked Quadband Dual Sim Android 4.1 OS With 4.7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen 3G Smart Phone - AT&T, T-mobile, H20, Simple mobile and other GSM networks (White)

Main Features:
Type: Touch screen phone
OS: Android 4.1
CPU: Media Tek MTK6577 1.0GHz
RAM: 512MB(Note: The graphics take some memory, so only show 471MB)
Capacitive touch (5-point) screen
Network frequency: GSM 2G 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 3G 850/2100MHz
Dual SIM, Dual standby
Dual cameras
Wireless internet
GPS supported
Gravity sensing system
FM/MP3/MP4/Bluetooth function supported
Network type: 3G+2G
Frequency: GSM 2G 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 3G 850/2100MHz
WIFI: 802.11b/g wireless internet
Bluetooth A2DP
Screen Information:
Screen type: Capacitive
Screen size: 4.7 inch
Screen resolution: 480 x 854 (WVGA)
2 x SIM slot
TF card slot
Mini USB host
3.5mm audio out port
Back camera: 8MP (with flash light and auto focus)
Front camera: 0.3MP
Video recording: Yes
Internal memory: 4GB(Note: The operate system and Apps take some spaces, so only show 2GB + 502MB)
External memory: TF card up to 32GB (not included)
Supported Media Formats:
Picture format: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG
Video format: 3GP, MPEG4
Music format: MP3, WAV, AMR, AWB
MS Office format: Word, Excel, PPT
E-book format: TXT
Live wallpaper support: Yes
Android APK and Java
English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch
Product size (L x W x H): 136 x 70 x 10 mm
Product weight: 152 g
Package weight: 0.5 kg
Additional Features:
Wi-Fi, GPS, Java, 3G, FM, Bluetooth, Sound Recorder, MP3, MP4, MMS, Alarm, Calendar, Calculator...
Package Contents:
1 x Smart Phone
2 x Battery
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Earphones
1 x USB Cable
1 x Screen Protector
1 x User Manual(English Language)

Price: $ 139

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Xidasoft Releases Artist Corner, An Interactive Drawing App For The Ipad

Xidasoft released a new and improved release of their popular Kids Drawing Playground on iPad – Artist Corner today. With the newly added following function, users can follow their favorite artists or be followed by others. Users who share great works will get more fans. Also they can see how many followers and followings any user has.

This new Artist Corner is featured with Artists tab to list all registered users with their scores. Uses can earn scores by sharing works, commenting others or being liked by others. Soon you will be the user with the highest score.

Xidasoft developers also were reportedly concerned about their app becoming boring to children.  Lee explained the problem:  “If the child colors all the pictures and makes all the masks, what will he or she want to do next?”  So, Lee said, they decided to create an online store where new pages and masks, and other work possibilities that Xidasoft is currently developing, would constantly be added and updated.  “If children use the app, and like it, and want more, then we’ll be happy to give it to them,” Lee said emphatically.

This update is FREE for all users. Interested users can head on over to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/artist-corner/id581862375... to download the latest version of Artist Corner, share works to get followers and earn scores. Everyone can be famous artist with the new Artist Corner for iPad.

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USB Wall Adapter Charger with USB to Dock Connector cable compatible with ALL iPhone 3 3G 3GS 4 4S

SANOXY USB Wall Adapter Charger with USB to Dock Connector cable compatible with all iPod and iPhone modles, except for iPad and iPod Shuffle; Compatible With iPhone 1st Gen. 4GB / 8GB / 16GB; iPhone 3G 8GB / 16GB; iPhone 3GS 16GB / 32GB; iPhone 4 16GB / 32GB; iPhone 4S 16GB / 32GB / 64GB; iPod 3rd Gen. 10GB / 15GB / 20GB, 30GB / 40GB; iPod 4th Gen. 20GB, 20GB (Color Display), 30GB (Photo), 40GB, 40GB (Photo) / 60GB (Photo), 60GB (Color Display); iPod Classic 160GB, 80GB / 120GB; iPod Mini 4GB / 6GB; iPod Nano 1st Gen. 1GB / 2GB / 4GB; iPod Nano 2nd Gen. 2GB / 4GB / 8GB; iPod Nano 3rd Gen. 4GB / 8GB; iPod Nano 4th Gen. 8GB / 16GB; iPod Nano 5th Gen. 8GB / 16 GB; iPod Touch 1st Gen. 8GB / 16GB / 32GB; iPod Touch 2nd Gen. 8GB / 16GB / 32GB; iPod Touch 3rd Gen. 32GB / 64GB; iPod Touch 4th Gen 8GB / 32GB / 64GB; iPod Video 30GB, 60GB / 80GB, U2 Special Edition.

Price: $6.99

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Toshiba Qosmio X 875

As one of the few notebooks 17-inch we've seen since the launch of Windows 8, Toshiba Qosmio X 875 already stands out among all the slim and convertible ultrabooks we have discussed recently on that basis alone. Actually, goes a step more, jumping into truck hot hybrid hard drive, with a new 1 TB disk. $1,879 X 875 tells what Toshiba calls "the industry's first hybrid 1 TB of high capacity 2.5-inch hard drive," with a flash 8GB of cache memory. Toshiba says that the new album, which was developed in the company, reduces read/write times and application startup times. Other configurations range from $1,199 to $2.299.

You have used the 875 X for tasks of games and every day, is without a doubt, extremely fast, as you would expect of a laptop with an Intel Core i7 CPU and Nvidia GeForce high-end 670 M graphics card. This laptop also includes a 3D stereoscopic 3D platform Nvidia compatible display, as well as a pair of 3D glasses. But, after a first rinse of interest a couple of years ago, very little has been said from 3D portable (or TVs, for that matter) and games gaming or 3D Blu-ray video is a completely satisfying experience.

Instead of 3D, a feature that I wish had been included is a touch screen. We have everything to see a portable Windows 8 with high-end, level of player graphics and a touch screen, so far, has been one or the other. For the budget, current players 15-inch IdeaPad Lenovo Y500 offers decent PC for less than $900 (with a single GeForce 950M config), but as a step forward, Toshiba X 875 is one of the last portable some sturdy desktop replacement.

Price as reviewed the / partida price1.0TB 5400 rpm w / 8 GB SSD + 1.0 5 TB, 400rpmSystem weight / weight with AC adapter

Design and features
Qosmio laptops have always been a little on the side of extravagant appearance and this new model continues that tradition. Toshiba called the chassis design of his "style sophisticated black widow", and has an aluminum shell with texture of diamond with a Qosmio logo light-up at the top.

It is large, with 1.7-inch thickness and weighs 7.7 lbs (without AC adapter 2 lbs), but less than the huge portable games of yesteryear. However, as laptops in general have thinned in the era post-ultrabook, even a portable moderately thick like this looks and feels like a bit of a throwback. So many new consumer technology devices are moving towards (or already firmly planted in) a sense of aesthetic minimalism - this red and black box is almost the opposite of that, but at least is a bold statement.

Part of the fun of getting a portable giant is that there is plenty of room for a large keyboard, large touch screen and all kinds of additional control buttons. In this case, we got generous keyboard flattened Toshiba, a style that has not changed markedly in a couple of years, in addition to a full size separate numeric keypad. The experience of writing is excellent in general, but portable Toshiba have always had strangely short bars of space, which can interfere with your personal handwriting style.

They themselves are back-lit - it is red Toshiba, of course, and the function keys are reversed, which means that you don't have to hold down the Fn key to access the volume, brightness and other controls on the F1-F12 keys. The large keyboard is a ClickPad finalidad-estilo, without separate left and right buttons. This gives you more space for finger navigation, and the particular combination of a textured surface pad, along with Synaptics touch pad hardware and software, is one of the most sensitive Windows 8 touch pad experiences I have had to date.

This is especially important, as the 17.3-inch screen, running at 1, 920 x 1 080 pixels, isn't a touch screen. The majority of laptops Windows 8 that we have analyzed so far has had touch screens, even models available for less than $600, but so far, none of the handful of notebooks with discrete graphics gamer level have offered this feature. That is too bad, as Windows 8, especially in its view of tile-based user interface, is much easier to navigate with some strategic finger strokes directly on the screen.

The display full-HD is bright, colors pop, and it looks good even from off-axis views. As a 2D monitor, it is excellent for video and game playback. Using the included 3D glasses from Nvidia, photo, video and game content also looked good, but keep in mind using the glasses tends to darken the overall image and also reduces the resolution you actually see. Portable stereoscopic 3D has not caught, and X 875 offers examples of why.

The application of player Toshiba Blu-ray included, the default value to watch movies on Blu-ray 3D, is just so slow, clumsy and counterintuitive as the last time I tried it, about a year ago. And actually you can use mouse to navigate through the options menu (usually without label), you have to rely on the arrow keys and the Enter button. Compared with many sharp and functional applications that are incorporated or built for Windows 8, it is painful to use.

Games are always hit or miss, unless they are specifically coded with support for Nvidia 3D vision in mind (and even so, your mileage may vary). The new BioShock: Infinite, for example, looked terrible and ran slowly in 3D mode. Four speakers, connectors for headphones and microphone.Stereo speakers with subwoofer, jacks.2 headphone / microphone USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, SD card reader2 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, SD reader of cards, eSATAEthernet, 802. 11n Wi-Fi, BluetoothEthernet, 802. 11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

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Xbox 100X Fiber Optic Cable

The Monster Game 100 X Fiber Optic Audio Cable hooks up Xbox to AV receivers with preferred higher performance fiber optic connections and is made for use with Xbox only. Feature extra low-loss optical fiber; precision polished connector; digital audio adapter; heavy-duty connector and more. Cable is dark green and black. Made in USA and imported. 10L'.

Price: $34.99

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HP Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One

It feels strange to call the HP Photosmart 7510 a legacy model considering it hit store shelves only last year, but HP has already issued an upgrade in the form of the new Photosmart 7520, an equally efficient all-in-one device that adds a few useful features like a dedicated fax machine and an additional front-loading USB port to use with an external storage drive.

Like the model it replaced, the $200 Photosmart 7520 can access Hewlett-Packard's ePrintCenter apps directly on the large 4.33-inch landscape display, though a wireless network is required to log in to the store. The Web connectivity also engages HP's suite of apps, including the convenient ePrint service that takes your print queue to the cloud and adds remote printing. There is no shortage of useful apps in the ePrintCenter, not to mention high-resolution yields for an affordable price, but you'll be just as happy with the Photosmart 7510 if you can find it at a discount.

Design and features

The Photosmart 7520 combines the functionality of a printer, a scanner, and a copier in a low-profile chassis finished in matte black that fits with HP's current design aesthetic. Its footprint -- 17.9 inches long by 17.7 inches tall and 7.7 inches wide -- does demand a large amount of desk space, but the tray that corrals outbound pages does fold back into the unit to save space during dormancy.

On the 7520, HP continues its trend of touch-compatible displays, with a 4.33-inch color screen positioned on the far left of the device. The color graphic display (CGD) takes on the familiar shape of the original iPhone with a rectangular screen fitted inside a rounded edge, with virtual buttons that illuminate to help with navigation and selection.

Though the sensitivity of the display is indeed a large improvement over some of HP's earlier touch-screen models, it's still prone to precision missteps when it comes to scrolling through the landscape menu pane. Unless you start a finger swipe on the outside of the display, the menu has a tendency to continue moving even after your finger lifts off the screen -- frustrating if you're trying to quickly parse through a lot of apps. The quirks of the display take time to get used to, but you'll have an easier time once you train your finger to unlearn the familiar iPhone gestures you might be used to.

The top of the printer houses the autodocument feeder (ADF) that you'll use to scan a stack of documents, though it's limited to 25 sheets at a time, so I recommend checking out a multifunctional laser printer instead if you need something to handle heavy-duty workloads. A single 125-sheet paper tray loads on the bottom of the device and there's a separate top-loading 20-sheet photo paper tray for 4x6-inch and 5x7-inch media. An intelligent sensor picks up on the best kind of media to use for each job and accesses the appropriate tray accordingly.

Another gripe I have about the hardware is the low capacity of the paper output tray -- you can keep only 50 sheets in the dock at a time before the stack gets too high for the machine and clogs the receiving belt -- another reason for hard-core users to consider a more business-friendly printer. In addition to using a direct USB connection (like most vendors, HP does not include a USB cable with the printer), you can set up the Photosmart 7520 on your network via Wi-Fi, which also lets Apple users make an easy connection through AirPrint on a compatible iOS device. Using AirPrint, you can print out a photo from your iPhoto library by simply choosing the connected printer and hitting Print.

Unfortunately, HP omits an Ethernet port in an effort to push cloud printing features that can work only on a Wi-Fi network, which you should probably be using to reduce clutter anyway. Still, I'm still not ready to see Ethernet printing extinguished entirely until wireless connectivity becomes more ubiquitous, and the gap will likely be a deal breaker for IT professionals shopping for a networked printer to connect an office.

I tested the Wi-Fi connection process and found it simple to navigate through the initial setup screens, with help from the instructions on the driver disc. HP's latest Auto Wireless Connect reduces the setup time to less than 2 minutes -- if you make your network visible, that is. If keeping the network private from intrusive leeches is your concern, you can also manually input your network username and password details on the virtual QWERTY keyboard and the printer should immediately connect. Macs and PCs alike on CNET's lab network were able to see the printer without the need to install any additional software.

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Xbox 360 Monster GameLink Component Video & Fiber Optic Audio A/V Kit

Imagine experiencing Xbox gaming in powerful, dynamic surround sound on your home theater. Now you can! The GameLink Component Video and Fiber Optic Audio Kit lets you have it all: high-definition video and explosive Surround Sound all through your home theater. Monster GameLink Cables are officially licensed by Microsoft and THX-certified for the ultimate Xbox 360 audio/video performance. Exclusive Monster technologies ensure sharp, detailed video and crisp, larger than life sound.

Silver content solder connections provide optimum transfer of delicate low-level signals. 24k gold contact Turbine Connectors provide improved conductivity and maximum signal transfer. Heavy-Duty Double Shielding of 100% mylar foil and 95% copper braid give maximum rejection of radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. A HexMesh protective jacket provides durability and makes for easy installation. With these and other high-performance features, Monster GameLink cables deliver all the Xbox 360 performance you paid for

Price: $59.99

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Western Digital TV games

I've had some personal sympathy for the WD TV box with the date of the original stretching at the end of the year 2008. Each model has improved markedly in the latest and newest play WD TV is the best of the bunch.

With its price of $ 69, play WD TV is competitive, fall directly between the two big dogs space streamer, media in the sub-$ 100: Roku ($ 50 to $ 100) and Apple TV ($ 100). Its interface is clean, installation is a breeze, and the play was during our testing without crashing. And he's got a lot of "must have" streaming applications, including Netflix, Vudu, Hulu plus and Spotify and YouTube--plus the SlingPlayer, two applications that are not currently available on the Roku.

Current weaknesses are the lack of Amazon instant and the lack of live sports as baseball, the NBA and the NHL — all of which, along with hundreds of other channels available on the Roku. And, of course, the WD TV does not play on Apple iTunes and Apple TV media that does so well. But the WD TV will do a great job of pulling the PC-based media-audio-especially that you already have in your network.

In other words, stick with Roku, if you want the largest number of Internet media and services Apple TV if you have already invested in Apple's ecosystem. But choose the WD TV play, if you're looking for Pennant, who offers the best combination of cloud streaming and playback, DLNA network/home. Especially if you're interested in the latter play, WD TV is the best player on the money.

There are two constants when it comes to selling streaming boxes: 1) it should cost $ 100 or less and 2) it should look like a dot. While previous Western Digital boxes to stick first Maxim, they always were a bit flat and boxier than other designs. New play should be set for the new Apple TV and Roku, housing and from the square blue bottom templates.

Connections include HDMI, composite a/V breakout (for connecting to older HD TVs), USB port (for connection of external hard drives), optical digital output, Gigabit Ethernet and Wireless-N. The device features an on-screen keyboard that alphabetical or QWERTY, but unlike the WD TV Live is really easy to install by using the new control panel.

I described the clicker, that came with the 2011 year WD TV Live as "a wonderful, hateful, remote despite reasonable dimensions and feel was a tall, rubbery buttons. This year's version has improved greatly with the buttons, which are much easier to click and a simplified layout--the coloured buttons are gone, for example.

What you can watch
Although only 19 WD TV Live streaming services at launch, the WD TV can now boast more than 30. In my opinion, the most important are Netflix and Spotify, and they joined Voodoo, Hulu plus, blockbuster, CinemaNow, YouTube, DailyMotion, Pandora, TuneIn radio and Shoutcast. WD applications include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, and AccuWeather. Although there is an application for playing on WD, which perhaps gives the device its name-"Play"-the games are less distracting than most Smartphone applications.

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Velleman K2579 Universal Start/Stop Timer Kit

Incorporating the well-known 555 timer IC, Velleman's K2579 Universal Start/Stop Timer Kit makes it easy to remotely control the on/off functions of many electronic devices.

Price: $19.14

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JVC Everio GZ-EX250

JVC Everio JVC GZ-EX250 is identical with his linemate EX210, except for storage: EX250 16 GB internal memory and SD card slot, EX210 has only SD card slot. Similarly, the GZ-E200 is almost the same as the EX250, but has a built-in Wi-Fi or internal storage, only the SD card slot. E200 also does pet detection, decoration, punch and writing options page editing.

As the most basic camcorder, JVC Everio GZ-EX250 and his two linemates, EX210 and E200, are more info on features than video quality. For the EX250, great features are 40 x optical zoom, 16 GB internal memory and SD card slot for up to 64 GB and built-in Wi-Fi. Most potential buyers understand why they want the first two. The latter, however, is more difficult for some to grasp.

In your account you can do many EX250 JVC wireless. This will allow you To use the camera for live monitoring-directly on iOS or Android device, or on the Internet with your computer Windows 7; can act as a motion detector, automatically taking pictures when it receives the traffic and sending it by electronic mail; Video Email Mode records 15-second video email immediately to a maximum of eight registered addresses; If you can directly plug into smartphones and use it to transfer and upload to video sharing sites, get geotags to photos and videos, or remote control for the camera.

Now setting it up to do all the things that it is not the easiest, but if you are able to do these things is a plus for you, EX250 or EX210 (who throws a 16 GB internal memory, but is otherwise the same) might be worth considering. That is, whether you can live with the rest of the package.

The quality of the video
All full HD video is not equal, and, at the same time, GZ-EX250 give results OK, it's not full HD quality, you will get a higher-end camera. It is essentially a step from high-end smartphone or Pocket video camera.

You have a decent detail and sharpness at small sizes on a computer screen, but plus on my 24-inch display, video looks quite soft and smeary, more like standard definition than HD viewing on a larger HDTV makes its flaws more apparent, but it's still OK when viewed from a sufficient distance, if you're not too critical. Perhaps more importantly, fast moving objects better than those other devices with minimal ghosting, and found a judder when washing or was not a problem.

However, if you are wondering, it regularly shooting sports, this model has only an electronic image stabilization. Without some kind of support using zoom or move up and down the side will result in some photos very shaky or inferior quality video using the EIS, or both. If you're not willing to use a tripod, you might want to spend more for the model with optical image stabilization.

Colors in auto mode (which is what I expect that most people will use) are bright and vivid, but some may find them slightly unnatural appearance. If you are looking for accurate color rendition, it probably won't make you happy. However, many people like their colors pop, and this is what provides the GZ-EX250. Its white balance is good, even though it is a little warm in the light bulb.

The camera back illuminated CMOS sensor can help you produce better low light video than past entry-level models of JVC CCD sensors. Yet you see noise and themes look soft, but it's a good thing if you're viewing this in smaller sizes. Low light autofocus will also do more hunting, so it can be seen on the pulsating and focus.

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USA Gear GPS Carrying Case with Protective Hard Shell for Select 4.3-Inch to 5-Inch Garmin Nuvi , Magellan Roadmate , TomTom GO Live GPS Navigators - Holds Unit, Adapters, Memory Cards , Charger and Other Accessories

USA GEAR Protective XL Travel Case

Rugged Protection
Constructed from a durable hard shell exoskeleton with weather-resistant Nylon, this case is ready for anything. And to provide that extra peace of mind, the case also features a scratch-resistant interior lining that keeps everything within secure and cushioned. Get a case that provides protection from within and from without, so you never need to worry about your gear.

Smart, Versatile Design
Puts all of your devices in one organized place AND protect them from damage! The interior features three removable, customized storage compartments for all device-related accessories, such as adapters, charging cables, mounts, and more. The inside also contains a velcro mesh side pocket for storing those larger devices that won't fit in some of the more compact pockets. Take it with you on the road, off the road, and everywhere in between to give your devices the ultimate protection.


Garmin NUVI 3597LMTHD , 3597 LMTHD / 52LM / 42LM / 54LM / 44LM / 52 / 42 / 54 / 44 / 2597LMT / 2797LMT / 2497LMT / 2457LMT / 2557LMT / 2577LT / 2757LM / 40 / 40LM / 50 / 50LM / 205 / 205W / 255 / 255W / 260W / 200 / 200W / 250 / 250W / 260 / 260W / 265W / 265WT / 270 / 295W / 360 / 370 / 560LMT / 600 / 610 / 650 / 660 / 670 / 680 / 710 / 750 / 760 / 770 / 780 / 850 / 880 / 900T / 1300 / 1300LM / 1350 / 1350T / 1350LMT / 1390LMT / 1490 / 1690 / 2350LMT / 2360LMT / 2450LM / 2460LMT / 2555LMT / 2595LMT / 3590LMT / 3750 / 3760T / 3760LMT / 3790T / 3790LMT

Magellan RoadMate 1475T / 1470 / 1470 / 1445T / 1440 / 1430 / 1424 / 1420 / SE4 / 1412 / 1400 / 1340 / 1220 / 1212 / 1210 / 1200 / 2035 / 2036 / 2045 / 3045 / 3055 / 3065 / 5045 / 5045LM / 5045-LM Maestro 4700 / 4370 / 4350 / 5310 / 4210 / 4200 / 3250 / 3225 / 3220 / 3210 / 3200

TomTom 130S / 330S / 335TM / 340S / 340TM / 340M / 540S / 540M / 540T / 540TM / 550TM / 630 / 730 / 2535M / 2405TM / 2505TM and More!

Price: $49.99

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Samsung HMX-QF20

Camera manufacturers may have fallen in standard definition models in their lineups, but it's members live in entry-level models of high-definition Samsung HMX-Q20 and Wi-fi enabled HMX-QF20, Reviewed here. Although these models are sold as "full HD", use sensors with low resolution and interpolation video to HD Samsung is not the only manufacturer that; Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC, all with their entry-level models.

Unfortunately for HD results in some pretty average looking video using this method. If you were hoping for a camera that gets better results than your smartphone, it probably won't take you there. On the other hand, if your needs are not much beyond the creation of fully automatic Web-friendly video clips and 20 x zoom in a lightweight, compact body, then the HMX-QF20 is OK.

The quality of the video
QF20 movie is nothing you want to see a large HDTV or even on large size on the computer monitor. Overall, the movie clips are loaded with noise and artifacts and they are soft and lacking in detail. Color is the only thing that is nice, but stresses it's easy to blow out. The above image is a screen comes with a clip shot at 1080i and zoomed to fill 24-inch monitor. You don't have to look too hard to see that items are pixels and everything looks soft and flat. Again highlights are blown out, and despite the fact that there is not a lot, it has some purple fringing in high contrast areas.

Reduce video Web player size and things look a bit better. The scene still look flat and mushy, even though i don't look high resolution No matter what resolution they are logged in if you switch to shooting in 720 p, the scenes get even softer, but have less noise and artifacts. And all this is good light, too. Shooting indoors or in low light gives the same results, but more. I've seen worse, but as long as you're not too picky and you want to share online at small sizes, the film is not so bad. Also autofocus did Hunt, when less light, which is typical of the lower-priced cameras.

One of the advantages that QF20 has some of its competitors (and smartphones for that matter) is that it has optical image stabilization. This is the difference, so if you are trying to choose between different model, which only has an electronic image stabilization, the Samsung go with QF20.

Design and features
One of the benefits of going with the camera as the QF20 is its size. It is lightweight and comfortable to shoot with and small enough to store in your pocket or bag. To the extent that control go, QF20 is a lot like Samsung to shoot and share waterproof HMX-W300 minicamcorder.

Many cameras have a battery that protrudes from the rear, which in turn puts the controls at the top. Battery and SD card slot to QF20 are in the inner Chamber at the bottom. Releases back to the control record button and zoom with the left and right. (It also means that there are no options for a capacious battery.) Above and below the record button function buttons are my Samsung clip, which is used to tag your favorite scene in the clip, so you can quickly and easily watch it again without having to fast forward or backward.

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Weston Apple & Fruit Crusher

Weston Fruit & Apple Crusher... A great addition to the Fruit & Wine Press--crush apples, pears and other hard fruits to prepare them for pressing. Easy to turn handle makes crushing large quantities of fruit quick and easy; Horizontal table mount or vertical wall corner mount options available; Heavy-duty cast iron construction; Stainless Steel chute and hardware; Wood drum with Stainless Steel crushing blades; Includes wood mounting base (10 x 17.5 x 0.8).

Price: $1.00

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (16GB, Verizon Wireless)

When you boil it down, the question of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Verizon Wireless) is this: Despite its myriad cool useful features, with only 16GB of storage, is it worth $600? If pressed on that question, my answer would have to be "no." That is, if you're simply looking for a simple tablet to do simple, tablet-y things. If that describes you, know that there are plenty of cheaper tablets that will meet your needs.

If you're looking for something more robust, something different, something that possibly scratches that artistic itch inside you, there is a strong argument that can be made in favor of the Note 10.1. Just know that there is a huge value caveat. The Verizon Wireless version costs about $100 more than the Wi-Fi version that was released in 2012. It also includes many (but not quite all, yet) of the UI and software updates Samsung pushed to Note 10.1 Wi-Fi owners in early 2013. These changes are smart, useful, and logical, and integrate the S Pen in ways users should have been experiencing from the get-go.

Also, Verizon offers quite a bit of 4G plan flexibility with no mandatory contracts, thankfully. Six-hundred dollars for an admittedly feature-packed tablet will still be too much for most, however, and unless you literally have "on-the-road" need of a cellular tablet, the cheaper Wi-Fi version that offers more feature flexibility and likely more timely updates is the way to go.

The Verizon Note, same as the Samsung Note
The original Wi-Fi version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was released in the summer of 2012. Verizon is now offering the 4G tablet for $599 with 16GB of storage. That's a lot of money for a tablet, 4G or not. The original Note 10.1 started at $499 with 16GB of storage, and as of yet the price hasn't come down, despite a few specs getting a bit long in the tooth. The Note 10.1 has always been an expensive prospect, and with a 4G option, it's even moreso.

The basic physical design of the Verizon version hasn't changed at all; however, Verizon and Samsung have taken this opportunity to jazz things up a bit. The dull silver edges of the original are now brighter and shinier. The bezel and back are now a dark but somewhat bluish gray color. Also, there's now a large "Verizon" and "4GLTE" logo on the back.

Speakers grace the right and left bezel, and the top bezel houses a 1.9-megapixel camera that sits right next to an ambient light sensor. Directly opposite, on the back, is a 5-megapixel, LED-flash-supported camera. The top edge holds a power button, a volume rocker, a microSD slot (supporting cards of up to 64GB), an IR blaster, a headphone jack, and a SIM card slot. On the bottom edge are the dock connector and a microphone pinhole. The tablet is fairly light and comfortable to hold, but compared to the Nexus 10's grippier build, the Note 10.1 feels plasticky and less than durable.

(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

There's a 4-inch-long, poorly placed holding space in the tablet's bottom-right corner for the S Pen stylus. The problems with this placement are: 1) the S Pen can easily fall out if you're removing it while holding the tablet up; and 2) when the tablet sits in the docking station, the holding space is too close to the desktop for the S Pen to be removed, unless you undock it first. Not a huge design faux pas, but it's just a strange decision not to place the holding space on the top.

The S Pen has its sides squared off to keep it from unexpectedly rolling away. The pen button is grooved to make it easy to find with your fingertips, and while at first I found myself consistently pressing the button by mistake, I kicked that habit after a few hours of getting accustomed to using the pen. Samsung also built some useful shortcut gestures into the pen, making tasks like screen capture, calling up an app's menu, and going back to the previous screen a simple act of holding down the pen button and swiping or tapping the screen in the appropriate way.

(New) Software features
The Verizon version of the Note 10.1 ships with Android 4.1.2, Jelly Bean, which includes a number of legit and tangible Samsung-developed UI improvements. A Verizon rep told me it will support the tablet with future upgrades but was mum on details.

If you're familiar with Samsung tablets, the inclusion of the company's custom UI, TouchWiz, on the Note 10.1 will probably not shock you. Thankfully, Samsung has slowly toned down the oppressively Fisher-Price-ian look, now providing a more natural, quieter aesthetic. The mini apps tray now includes only those apps compatible with the Note 10.1's multi-window feature, which allows you to run two simultaneous apps on the screen. You can also now horizontally resize each app to your heart's content. The compatible apps are limited to a scant 13, and although the Wi-Fi version of the tablet includes multi-screen versions of apps like Twitter and Facebook, Verizon has yet to implement this feature. One of my favorite and most useful mini app-tray apps, the Task Manager, can now be accessed only after tapping the recent apps button or going directly through settings.

The unofficial poster child for the Note 10.1's interface innovation, S Note gets a some notable improvements as well, and the veil of inhospitable-ness that greeted me in the first version of the tablet has largely dissipated. S Note now includes a brief text and video tutorial to make jumping into the app a bit less confusing, and the interface has been tweaked slightly -- you can now easily load a completely blank sheet of "paper" -- toward the same purpose. Icons now present their functionality much more clearly when tapping them and can be further clarified by the new AirView feature which lets users hover the point of the S Pen over a menu option, which in turn displays a text bubble of each option's functionality.

Typing in a Web site URL, composing an e-mail, searching for an app in Google Play, or doing pretty much any action that would normally cause a software keyboard to pop up at the bottom on the screen, now triggers a notepad to appear. And instead of pecking away at each letter with the pen, you can now simply write your entry directly into the text field. It's an incredibly useful change that dramatically improves the flow of the entire user experience. Also, the pen-to-text translation software is now much more accurate and even when an error occurs, it's much more likely the fault of the user now.

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Womens Leather Cigarette Case & Cell Phone Holder in Choice of Colors and Patterns

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Xbox 360 Monster GameLink Fiber Optic Cable

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TEGAM Introduces New Helicopter Bond Meter

The TEGAM Model R1L-BR1 bond meter is a purpose built, rechargeable battery powered portable instrument for ground bond measurements. The R1L-BR1 comes with BCP-10 Kelvin Probes and KAK-1M Kelvin Alligator Klips, all housed within a ruggedized case for protection during transport.  It has been selected for deployment in support of the Kiowa Warrior Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter. The R1L-BR1 continues the history of excellence established by the inexpensive R1L-B and rugged R1L-BR, which are in inventory at each branch of the US military, and have more than 500 units currently fielded.

TEGAM’s Model R1L-BR1 can be used in a wide variety of applications outside the capabilities of other bond meters, including:

-          Fixed and rotary wing aircraft bond measurements in manufacturing and flight line maintenance operations where its high accuracy produces consistent results.

-          Verifying electromagnetic shield integrity between connector back shells.

-          Measure static discharge wicks for electrical continuity.

-          Inspect conductive coatings for coverage and thickness.  

TEGAM’s Model R1L-BR1 has five ranges with full-scale values ranging from 2 milliohms to 20 ohms.    Resolution on the lowest range is 1 microohm.  Accuracy is 0.25% of reading ± 1 count.  It is fully portable with rechargeable batteries that provide a full day of typical use.  The operating temperature range is 0 °C to 50 °C.

More information about the Model R1L-BR1 Bond Meter Kit is available on the TEGAM website, www.tegam.com (http://www.tegam.com/product.asp?modelNumber=R1L%2DBR1) .  

Price and Availability

The U.S. price for the R1L-BR1 is $2495.00, and units are available for immediate shipment.


Headquartered just east of Cleveland, Ohio, TEGAM, Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture and support of a wide variety of test, measurement and calibration instruments. TEGAM is the worldwide leading manufacturer of RF power sensor calibration systems for commercial and military applications. Founded in 1979, TEGAM has developed a wide variety of measurement instrumentation and markets its products around the world through a network of technical representatives and distributors in more than 40 countries. TEGAM is internationally recognized for its offering of RF power sensor calibration systems, RF attenuation measurement systems, AC ratio standards and microohmmeters. In addition, the company’s supplies LCR meters, high-voltage amplifiers, MEMS engine driver systems, handheld thermometers, humidity meters and other test and measurement solutions. TEGAM is accredited by A2LA to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 on Certificate Number 2018.01. For more information, visit www.tegam.com.

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Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27 (Core i5)

Who would have thought that, rather than hybrid laptops or Windows 8 tablets, the most interesting new hardware trend in computers for 2013 would be tabletop PCs? That's an unofficial term I use to describe the growing number of systems that straddle the line between all-in-one desktops, megatablets, and home furnishings.

The latest, and my favorite to date, is the Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27. No points for guessing from the name that it's built around a 27-inch display. Sure, it functions perfectly well as a desktop all-in-one, as long as you don't mind the screen's bottom edge being so close to your desk, but to see where it really shines, push the spring-loaded hinge down and lay the system flat on your table, desk, or even floor.

We've seen other variations on this theme since the launch of Windows 8 last year, and there are more still to come. But so far the tabletop PCs we've tested have had smaller screens. There's the Sony Vaio Tap 20, which has a 20-inch display and looks the most similar to the Horizon. Then there's the Asus Transformer AIO, with an 18-inch screen that detaches from a docking stand -- only to switch over into Android mode because the Intel CPU is inexplicably inside the base. Finally, there's the 18-inch Dell XPS 18, which has a very thin, light screen that pulls easily off its weighted display stand and is the most conveniently portable of the bunch.

All of those previous tabletop PCs have an element of easy portability the Horizon lacks. It may not be entirely ergonomically correct, but they can all be passed around the living room or meeting room, especially the lightweight Dell XPS 18. But that also means their lie-flat modes are best viewed by one or two people. Think of them as platforms for small-form sharing.

The Horizon, in contrast, feels like it's meant to be semipermanently anchored flat on your desk or coffee table. In fact, when we first saw the Horizon at CES 2013, Lenovo showed it off mounted inside a custom-built coffee table that opened up to allow access to the screen. Sadly, there's no such accessory available yet, although if tabletop PCs take off, I'm sure you'll find several on Kickstarter in short order. Instead, Lenovo says a simpler rolling cart will be available later in the year.

One can argue whether a PC with an Intel Core i5/i7 CPU, a 1TB, 5,400rpm hard drive, 8GB of RAM, and an entry-level Nvidia GeForce 620M graphics card is worth $1,600 or more, depending on the exact configuration, and I've certainly criticized high-end laptops before for having the same components one can find in less expensive systems. But in this case, the Horizon, much like the Dell XPS 18, is a product that comes off better in person than on paper. It reimagines how you use a Windows PC, giving mundane tasks such as reading online news or watching videos a new twist, and is -- most importantly -- just plain fun to use.

Part of that comes from Aura, a touch-centric operating-system overlay that switches on automatically when you fold the kickstand in and lay the system down flat. A collection of several custom apps and games is available in this mode, including the requisite air hockey (seemingly the first app everyone thinks to install on a tabletop PC), Texas Hold 'Em poker, and Monopoly.

Some of the apps work better than others, and the entire Aura overlay has just a hint of lag that makes twitch gaming annoying, but it works fine for slower-paced games and apps or manipulating photo and video files. Even with our Core i7 CPU, Aura felt sluggish compared with the standard Windows 8 interface.

Much like Google Glass, Ouya, or the Pebble Watch, the Horizon's tabletop mode is very cool, but doesn't yet have the level of polish or software support to be truly mainstream. Still, it's great fun to use and always attracted a crowd when I wheeled it around the CNET offices on a makeshift rolling cart. Its saving grace is that it works perfectly well as a touch-screen Windows 8 all-in-one, with decent specs and a big 27-inch 1,920x1,080-pixel-resolution display. A comparable 27-inch all-in-one from another PC maker might cost you a few hundred dollars less right now, but I predict within a year or so most all-in-one PCs will be tabletop models with either fold-down hinges or removable screens.

Note that right now, the Core i5 configuration of the Horizon (as reviewed here) is $1,699, and the Core i7 configuration is $1,849, and both come with a set of air hockey paddles and suction cup joysticks, and a clever wireless six-sided die (in case you were wondering about gaming being the big selling point here). The tabletop software is still a generation away from being ready for prime time, and while I like the Horizon a lot, at those prices it gets a qualified recommendation, depending on how much you like the idea of a coffee table PC.

But, there's an important twist: starting in June, we're told that Best Buy will stock similar Core i5 and i7 configurations for $1,499 and $1,599, at which point the Horizon 27 becomes a very valid alternative to standard all-in-one desktops, with a cool tabletop mode you can use as often (or not) as you like. If that price cut indeed happens, we'll revisit the rating for this review in a few weeks.

27-inch, 1,920x1,080 touch screen18.4-inch, 1,920x1,080 touch screen20-inch, 1,600x900 touch screen23-inch, 1,920x1,080 touch screen18-inch, 1,920x1,080 touch screenGigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth 4.0Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth 4.0Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth 4.0, NFCGigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth 4.0Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth 4.0

Design and features
The 18.6-pound Horizon 27 is just plain big. Unlike some other 27-inch all-in-one systems such as the Dell XPS One 27 and the Apple iMac, it has no separate base for connections or an adjustable arm -- everything is built right into the main unit, including a heavy-duty kickstand.

Unlike the kickstands in similar systems, this one feels spring-loaded -- you won't be pulling it out and pushing it in with one hand while adjusting the screen angle with the other. When used exactly as intended, it works well. That means that with the Horizon sitting upright, you gently but firmly push down and back on the top edge, and the kickstand folds in and lowers the system until it's lying flat, a move that also launches the built-in Aura tabletop software. Lifting the Horizon up by the same edge deploys the spring-loaded kickstand, and you can stop at any angle along the way, up to about 85 degrees, and the system will stay perfectly still.

But, when you try to move or adjust the system outside of those narrow parameters, the hinge and kickstand can be a hassle. Even lifting the Horizon slightly up from the table to move it over ends up deploying the kickstand, which you can't fold back down without great difficulty. Several times I've had the included game accessories sitting on top of the screen, then the kickstand popped out a bit while I tried to move the system ever so slightly. In those cases, I had to remove all the accessories, allow the kickstand to fully unfold (which popped us out of the Aura interface and back into Windows 8), then fold everything back down again. The main issue seems to be that the kickstand is held in place in tabletop mode by the system's weight, and not any kind of docking mechanism.

With the Horizon down in tabletop mode, the Aura interface gives you access to Lenovo's video and music players and basic photo display software. Littering the tabletop surface with photo and video file windows is easy; dismissing them requires a multifinger spread on the screen. While it's fun to rotate and resize a video clip with two fingers while it's playing, I suspect most of your multimedia use will remain within the Windows apps, iTunes, Netflix, and so on.

The built-in games are the real appeal here. The air hockey game is fun, and uses the included paddles (little plastic sticks with felt bottoms) to good effect -- still the control isn't exactly one-to-one real-time, there's a bit of lag, which we've seen in every similar game on other Windows 8 touch-screen PCs. Other games, such as a roulette wheel and a poker table, are fun once you get past the anime-style graphics and music, clearly not designed for the American market. I'd love to see a more relaxed, sophisticated poker game. However, even the odd Lenovo version is something of a killer app for the system.

Players get their hole cards dealt face down (the screen is big enough for four players to gather around, but just barely), and then cup one hand over the virtual cards and use the index finger of the other hand to bend the corners of the cards up, revealing their value. There's also an Android app that can display your cards in private, but that's somehow less fun than the onscreen peek move.

A decent version of Monopoly is also included, along with a few other games that you'll probably try once and never launch again. More games and apps are available in the Lenovo App Store, which is exactly what it sounds like. It requires you to register, and most apps cost as much as or more than they would from other sources. The few free apps I downloaded ended up on the regular Windows 8 menu screen, not in the Aura list of apps -- there may be some way to add them, but I have yet to find it. An app called BlueStacks is also included, and it acts as an Android emulator, making it possible to use many Android apps, though your mileage may vary.

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ZTE Avid 4G Mobile Phone Universal Case Women's Wallet Clutch - PURPLE & BLUE. Bonus Ekatomi Screen Cleaner

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You may or may not fit your gadget with a housing shell/case; please check the approximate dimensions for your reference.

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Workman Publishing and Dreamkind Release Brain Quest App for iPad, iPhone, iPod and NOOK Tablets

Workman Publishing, together with award-winning digital studio Dreamkind, will release an iPhone, iPad, iPod, NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color app for the beloved children’s series Brain Quest, in celebration of the line’s twentieth anniversary. The app will be available in the iTunes Store and in the Barnes & Noble NOOK Store on April 26th. Brain Quest, the game that gives kids a smart start is currently America’s #1 bestselling educational brand with 36 million copies sold. The app will bring Brain Quest’s signature question-and-answer format to life through the elements of interactivity and exploration.  Rich in content, educational and entertaining, the app will appeal to a wide audience of users.

“It’s incredibly exciting to see Brain Quest come alive in this new form, even as the series continues to make learning fun for children of all ages… as it has now for twenty years and counting,” said Bob Miller, Group Publisher, Workman Publishing.  “Now kids can go beyond the format of the original decks and workbooks to move through a variety of imaginary worlds in game form.  It’s as addictive as sugar… but won’t hurt their teeth!”

“Part of the mass appeal of the Brain Quest series is that each question is an opportunity to discover a new fun fact,” said Matt Cohen, Dreamkind’s Director of Business Development & Marketing. “The new Brain Quest app will tap into that sense of discovery by taking kids on an exciting journey – to desert islands, mysterious caves, and even outer space – all while they play an engaging and entertaining trivia game.”

The app will launch on iPads, iPhones, and iPods with a free gaming platform for grades 1-5 featuring 100 questions for each grade. Users can then extend their experience with downloadable expansion packs featuring new questions and adventures, with 600 questions and 28 levels per grade. With Casey, Jake, and Gizmo by their sides, kids can sail through the wisdom islands, trek through a snowy mountain pass, or launch into a space voyage—all while honing their skills in math, science, language, and history. For the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color, users can download free trials.

An immersive environment and short, playable rounds will have kids itching to complete the journey and rack up the rewards. Simple, intuitive swiping and finger-tapping lets kids play independently. The app tracks scores for up to three people, which means fun for the whole family. Each round can be played multiple times for a mix of review material and new questions, and for extra difficulty, kids can try to collect all 84 coins in their grade level. Featuring fun and challenging curriculum-based questions, graphics and soundscapes, and a trio of friendly companions, it’s the app that turns learning into a game!  

For 20 years, Brain Quest has been adored by kids, trusted by parents, and approved and used by teachers. Comprised of question-and-answer decks and workbooks for children ages 2-13, Brain Quest content is based on the latest state and national curriculum standards and approved by an advisory board of Milken award-winning educators. Based on the stuff kids need to know when they need to know it, Brain Quest shows kids that it’s not only fun to be smart, it’s smart to be smart. In addition to the release of the app, the line celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2012 with a revised 4th edition supported by a million-dollar, year-long marketing campaign that features a partnership with Chrysler.

The Brain Quest app can be downloaded from the Apple and Barnes & Noble app stores by visiting this address: http://dreamkind.com/brainquestapp beginning April 26th.

ABOUT WORKMAN PUBLISHING (http://www.workman.com)
Workman is the creator of award-winning calendars, cookbooks, parenting/pregnancy guides, and fun, educational children’s titles, as well as gardening, humor, self-help, and business books. From our What to Expect series and Page-A-Day Calendars to the iconic 1,000 Places to See Before You Die and Gallop!, the one-of-a-kind, moving picture book for kids, our products inspire readers. The Workman Publishing Company also includes Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, Artisan, HighBridge Audio, Storey Publishing, and Timber Press. In addition, Workman is the distributor for Black Dog & Leventhal, Greenwich Workshop Press, and Fearless Critic Media.

ABOUT DREAMKIND  (http://www.dreamkind.com)
Dreamkind is an award-winning digital studio that develops apps, online games, animations, websites, and social media initiatives. Dreamkind has developed apps in partnership with Sesame Workshop, the United States Department of Defense’s Centers of Excellence, the United Nations World Food Program, ALEX Toys, and many others. Dreamkind also develops top-ranking apps under its brand, including Office Riot and Frankenstein Matchmaker. Dreamkind is committed to children’s education and well-being and donates 10% of its profits to various children’s charities.

Noreen Herits, Workman Publishing, (212) 614-7775, brainquestpr@workman.com
Matt Cohen, Dreamkind, (201) 541-5557, info@dreamkind.com

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OWC DIY Kits Offer Value Solution, Add Larger, Faster Drive To Notebooks, Use Old Drive As Portable

Other World Computing (OWC(r)) http://www.macsales.com, a leading zero emissions Mac(r) and PC technology company, announced today the availability of over 50 OWC Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Storage Upgrade Kits priced starting at $67.99 MSRP that consist of a 2.5" SATA hard drive up to 1TB, an OWC brand FireWire and/or USB 2.0 bus powered 2.5" portable external enclosure, and a five piece installation tool kit. With an OWC DIY Storage Upgrade Kit, Mac and PC notebook users and Mac mini users can upgrade their computer's internal hard drive to a new larger capacity and/or faster speed, transfer their data to the new drive, and then continue using the "old" drive by installing it into the provided OWC enclosure for a "new" pocket-sized external drive at savings of up to 40% versus buying all the included components separately.

Consumers running out of hard drive space on their notebooks often aren't aware they can upgrade the internal drive and what's required to get the job done. OWC DIY Storage Upgrade Kits answer four key questions:

1. What size and speed drive to install? OWC DIY Kits offer larger drives than the factory original up to 1TB as well as speeds up to 7200RPM for faster boot times, app loads, and overall system responsiveness.
2. What do I do with my old drive? OWC DIY Kits come with a choice of OWC brand FireWire and/or USB 2.0 bus powered external enclosures so the existing drive can be continued to be used as a portable external drive for additional data storage and/or backup.
3. How do I transfer my data to the new drive? Because OWC DIY Kits include cables for all the supported interfaces, simply connect the OWC external drive to the computer to access the data.
4. How difficult is it to upgrade? OWC offers free on-line resources to make upgrading quick and easy. OWC's Tech Tip on how to transfer data from an existing drive to a new drive can be found at http://eshop.macsales.com/tech_center/tech_tips/sparedriv... while installation videos at http://eshop.macsales.com/installvideos/ show how to remove and install Mac drives as well as how to install the replaced drive into the OWC enclosure.

OWC DIY Storage Upgrade Kits starting at $67.99 are available for immediate ordering from Other World Computing at http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/hard-drives/2.5-Notebook/S...  in the following enclosure models:

* OWC Express USB 2.0 Bus Powered Enclosure Bundle
Kit includes 2.5" 250GB to 1TB drive, enclosure for replaced drive, USB interface connecting cable, carrying sleeve, and five-piece toolkit.

* OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro FireWire 800/400 and/or USB 2.0 Bus Powered Enclosure Bundle
Kit includes 2.5" 320GB to 1TB drive, enclosure for replaced drive, interface connecting cables, carrying case, five-piece toolkit, and $200 retail value disk utilities bundle.

OWC DIY Storage Upgrade Kits are compatible with Apple OS 8.6 to 9.2.2, Apple OS X (all versions) including the latest 10.6 "Snow Leopard"; and Windows 98SE or later operating systems and come ready to upgrade a Mac or PC notebook or Mac mini internal drive with greater storage and turn the replaced drive into an external bus powered drive for additional storage and backup.

Full Line Of Bare 2.5" Drives

In addition to its DIY Storage Upgrade Kits, OWC also offers MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and PC notebook owners a full line of "bare" 2.5" SATA 5400RPM and 7200RPM hard disk drives and SSDs in capacities of 50GB to 1TB priced starting at $49.99. For more information on all 2.5" internal drive options offered by OWC, visit: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/hard-drives/2.5-Notebook/

"Two things never go out of style...value and having enough data storage," said Larry O'Connor, CEO, Other World Computing. "Our DIY Kits are an excellent way for Mac and PC users to expand their internal capacity and add external capacity with one complete, value-priced bundle."

About Other World Computing (OWC)

Other World Computing (OWC) has been providing quality hardware products and support to the computer industry since 1988 and features one of the largest online catalogs of computer, iPod, and iPhone enhancement products through its e-commerce portal www.macsales.com. As a Premiere Level Apple Developer Connection member, OWC also provides extensive US based technical support for Macintosh users around the world as well as Internet access via www.fastermac.net and www.owc.net

OWC's industry awards include: Crain's Chicago Business 2009 "Fast 50" List; Computerworld Magazine Top Green-IT Companies for 2008; BizRate's Gold Circle of Excellence, 2004 to 2009; and Inc. 5,000 Top 100 Computers & Electronics Companies 2007 to 2009. OWC corporate headquarters in Woodstock, IL, completed in 2008, is built to LEED "Platinum" requirements, the highest level given by the United States Green Building Council's LEED program.

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