Size matters with HTC Titan

It seems that is a year for smart phones. Mobile phone companies have been busy releasing the one model after another. With all Android phones that have dominated the market, HTC Corp is not to remain behind the game with their new HTC Titan.
HTC Titan plans to give customers the wow factor with his massive 4.7 screen screen. These phones are housed in an aluminium casing with black carbon size of 131.5 x 70.7 x 9.9 mm. On the back it has a Matt surface, while the front features a glossy touchscreen.  HTC Titan weighs heavier than 160 g smartphone competitors that have recently been launched. However, the phone compromises his bulkiness with the sleek and slim. These phones have rounded edges of its predecessor, the HTC HD7, to maximize comfort.

HTC Titan has some updates when it comes to speed and resolution. Displaying images and load applications faster with the 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The phone has 512 of RAM and storage capacity up to 16 GB.

The model is the first handset to carry the pride of Windows 7. This operating system for mobile phones are designed to give a silky smooth streaming web services as popular social networking sites, cloud computing, as well as messaging systems. Multitasking is another feature that the Windows Phone Mango will give users HTC Titan. And switching back to applications is possible without the need for a reboot. Another thing worth mentioning in HDC Titan is its traditional style menu that users can customize to suit your needs.

Internet browsing is made possible on Titan with the integration of Internet Explorer 9. Users can send e-mail messages and manage their contact list via mail boxes.

HTC Titan will delight users with its Resolution 8 MP camera is on the back and a front-facing camera from 1.3 MP. Photograph can be a problem when it comes to mobile phones, users must first unlock your phone. HTC Titan tackles this including a separate camera button. Environments with poor lighting can still be captured realistically with the back phone sensor lighting. For panoramic shots better, HTC Titan is an application that makes a line appear on the phone screen to guide users in the production of seamless images. High density video at 720 p it is possible with the goal of opening f/2.2. In addition, users may also have the model with the chat application preloaded Tango.

The sound quality when making phone calls in Titan is not bad. Calls are clear and a speaker phone is available via a simple press and hold action. HTC Titan provide users Contact capacity of up to 10,000 entries, which can be customized with images, ringtones and additional information like birthday, email and others.

Using the phone for long periods of time is not an issue with the Titan. This model sports a 1600 mAh lithium ion battery that can last for hours continuous 11.83-talk time and 360 hours in standby mode.

Smart phone fans have a lot to anticipate in Titan. Really, these phones are not just big in size, but also when it comes to features.

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Search the STARS among top 25 download IEEE Xplore

A research paper entitled "cellular Antenna Design", co-author of Mr Corbett Rowell, R&D Director of Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), ranked 25° in IEEE Xplore download two months after it was published in the August issue of 2012 antennas and propagation Magazine, a bimonthly Professional magazine by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
IEEE Xplore is a digital library providing access to online web payment for relevant academic researchers and industry experts around the globe to full-text documents more than 3 million journal, conference proceedings, technical standards, etc. from some of the world's most highly publications cited in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics. About 25,000 new documents are added each month. Mr Rowell card stands out from the rest in terms of popularity, suggesting that it is one of the most important research in the outputs field.

Written by Dr Edmund y. Lam, Associate Professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Hong Kong University, the book summarizes the design parameters of the antenna in relation to the performance of laptop and presents a brief summary of the design procedure. Polls internal antennas in various types of phones and discusses the different types of mobile phone antennas, structures, active antennas, and antenna load isolation power techniques.

CEO Dr Cheung Nim-kwan of the STARS is pleased to learn about the realization of Mr. Rowell. He said, "the researchers STARS were active in the publication of research documents and technical protocols, world-renowned journals or as acts of important conventions. This is an important mode of transfer of knowledge of the STARS. The effort of Mr Rowell is exemplary ".

Mr Rowell leads the antenna RF digital & research teams at stars and oversees Antenna STARS R&D Centre, which offers a wide range of design services and measurement of antenna from advanced metering to complete the drawings. He has 30 issued patents and over 1,000 publications 21 citations in innovative antenna and RF technology. "

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